Children and young people

Human rights
benefit people

Every minute
of every hour
of every day

Young Adults

At Work

Protecting us from discrimination at work

Human rights mean we are protected in the workplace from discrimination, slavery, unfair treatment and unsafe practices. They mean we can be part of a union, demand fair pay and not to be dismissed unfairly.

You have the right to be protected in the workplace

Living Life

Pregnancy and childbirth


Keeping families together

When a family was made homeless the council housed the children but not their mother. Human rights helped the family stay together when they challenged the decision.

You have a right to a family life

Health and wellbeing

Helping cancer patients get life-saving treatment

Barbara used human rights to fight for life-saving cancer treatment

You have the right to life

Getting the extra help needed to live a full life

Jan, who had MS, was forced to spend her days in bed because she couldn’t get enough care. Using human rights, she fought for more help and was able to live a full life.

You have the right to live life to the full

Domestic Violence

Older people

Protecting our right to freedom, whatever our age

Human rights mean we cannot have our liberty restricted without a good reason and after the proper process has been followed.

You have the right to freedom

Human rights are for everyone. We might rely on them when we’re younger or older, when we need care, when we’re using services, when we’re at work, when we interact with the police, when we’re looking after our children.

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