Equally Ours is a campaign set up by eight national charities to talk about the importance of human rights and how they benefit us all in everyday life.

We share stories of how people have relied on human rights in their everyday lives.

We work with individuals and organisations to help them tell their own human rights stories.

We work with the media to provide case studies and spokespeople from our network.

We carry out detailed research on public attitudes to human rights. Contact us for more information.

We are hosted and led by the Equality and Diversity Forum www.edf.org.uk, a network of national charities and non-government organisations that work together to advance equality, social justice and human rights.

 Our other partners are:

We would like to thank the following for all their help and support:

• The Thomas Paine Initiative • Ange Jones (facilitator) • Annie Woudhuysen (naming consultant) • Rita Clifton Associates (brand consultant)
Now Then Design (brand and web design) • Breed Communications (Creative Outsourcing)