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Putting a trafficked victims needs before their immigration status

Mary came to London from Nigeria when she was 14 years old. Mrs Allen, who brought Mary to the UK, promised her the opportunity to go to school and earn £50 a week to look […]

Holding police to account after they failed a rape victim

Catherine had bi-polar disorder and manic depression. When she was in the middle of a mental health crisis, Catherine was raped by a stranger she had invited into her home. The next day she was […]

Respecting a same-sex partner’s choice and privacy

A woman with mental health difficulties had lived with her female partner, in a stable relationship, for a number of years. With the possibility of needing hospital treatment for her illness in the future, the […]

Protecting a gay tenant’s rights

Hugh and Juan were in a long-term relationship and living together in a flat in London when Hugh passed away. Hugh was a protected tenant of the flat so when Juan wanted to continue living […]

Protecting gypsies’ rights to keep their home

The Connors lived on a caravan site run by their local council in Leeds. They had been living there for around 15 years so the site had become well-established as their home. Early one morning, […]

Providing answers to a family after the racist murder of their son

19 year old Zahid was a first-time offender who had been sentenced to three months in a young offenders institution for stealing razor blades worth £6. The night before Zahid was due to be released, […]

Making sure people detained in hospital are kept safe

After the birth of her baby boy in the 1970s Carol suffered from postnatal depression, and this evolved into long term mental health difficulties. Thirty years later Carol was detained in hospital for mental health […]

Changing the law so patients can have their say

A woman detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act had her mother listed as her “nearest relative” – the person responsible for making decisions on her behalf when she couldn’t. But she had a […]

Ensuring disabled people aren’t denied the care they need

27 year old Perry, who has severe epilepsy and mental health difficulties, lived at a specialist care home in Sutton called Charsley House. Initially Enfield Council had been funding this care but when this responsibility […]

Making sure attempts to cut costs aren’t put before disabled people’s needs

Rachel was 15 when she was left severely disabled after suffering two strokes during surgery. This meant she needed 24 hour specialist care, which her parents provided for six years. When Rachel’s parents could no […]