Children and young people

Making sure vulnerable people have fair access to the legal system

Two parents with learning difficulties had been raising their son in a nurturing environment in their own home, with the support of their local authority, extended family and close friends. But when the boy was […]

Protecting children when authorities let them down

When a baby boy was just 15 days old he was taken from his mother by a local authority and placed with foster carers. They thought his mother couldn’t look after him  and that she […]

Balancing competing interests of parents to best protect a child

When divorce gets nasty, children are often stuck in the middle. This happened to a little girl whose parents separated when she was just two, and then spent 12 years fighting over who should get […]

Protecting children’s privacy & identity

The parents of a 2-year-old girl, who realised they were unable to care for their child, agreed with social services that she would have a better life if she was adopted.  The little girl’s grandma […]

Protecting children from physical abuse

When a young boy had been repeatedly beaten by his stepfather with a garden cane, the stepfather was cleared of assault charges by a jury who accepted his defence of “reasonable chastisement”. Human rights laws […]

Keeping families from being separated

When a family in Harrow was made homeless the local council took action to find new places for the two children to live, but did not do the same for their mother. A local law […]

Securing support for Traveller families

A young boy is part of a Roma Gypsy family which runs a business at fun fairs during the summer. In winter, he stays with his grandfather in Worcestershire.  The Worcestershire county council had been providing him with nursery and […]

Putting the best interests of children first

Two British children were born in the UK to a British father and Tanzanian mother. When the mother faced deportation after three unsuccessful claims to stay in the UK as an asylum seeker, it meant […]

Protection from torture and mistreatment

For years, authorities knew about four children who were suffering neglect and abuse at the hands of their parents. It took almost five years before any proper action was taken – the children were finally […]

Protecting children’s right to have a voice

Three teenage brothers successfully used human rights protections to argue they should be allowed access to a lawyer to represent their views in court about who they should live with following their parent’s separation. The […]