Mental health

Holding police to account after they failed a rape victim

Catherine had bi-polar disorder and manic depression. When she was in the middle of a mental health crisis, Catherine was raped by a stranger she had invited into her home. The next day she was […]

Respecting a same-sex partner’s choice and privacy

A woman with mental health difficulties had lived with her female partner, in a stable relationship, for a number of years. With the possibility of needing hospital treatment for her illness in the future, the […]

Making sure people detained in hospital are kept safe

After the birth of her baby boy in the 1970s Carol suffered from postnatal depression, and this evolved into long term mental health difficulties. Thirty years later Carol was detained in hospital for mental health […]

Changing the law so patients can have their say

A woman detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act had her mother listed as her “nearest relative” – the person responsible for making decisions on her behalf when she couldn’t. But she had a […]

A bereaved mother’s right to hold the authorities to account

David suffered from Schizophrenia. When he went to seek help after hearing voices telling him to kill himself, he was told there were no beds available for him at his local psychiatric unit, so he […]

Making sure people having a mental health crisis receive the help they need

A man was arrested when he was found in his car in the early hours of the morning, sounding the horn continuously and extremely agitated. He was taken to the police station and officers noted […]

Making sure everyone needing mental health support has equal protection

Melanie had a history of depression and self-harm. When she was 24 years old, she agreed to be admitted to hospital after she tried to take her own life. A few weeks later she was […]

Putting a person’s mental health needs before their immigration status

When a man was arrested by police and found to be living illegally in the UK, the police sent him to an immigration removal centre (similar to a prison), despite noticing he was behaving strangely. […]

Ensuring disabled people can appeal unfair treatment

Detaining someone against their will, depriving them of their liberty, is a fundamental challenge to their human rights and should only be done after the most careful consideration of their best interests. When a woman […]

Protecting our liberty when we have a mental health problem

A man suffering from mental health illness successfully used human rights in a landmark case to change an unfair law. The man had been detained under the Mental Health Act but when he wanted to […]