The unacceptable truth that children in England are going without the basics

Nicky Hawkins blogs about how the government is still failing to make sure our children’s most basic needs are met:

As a relatively new mother, I’m struck by the relentless stream of everyday worries and mundane but […]

The wheels on the bus: we’re having the wrong conversation about accessible transport

Rachel Krys blogs about how the debate is being framed around accessible transport:

I was a pushchair user for a few years, between 2005 and 2010. I remember being struck at the time by how much […]

Why women’s rights are human rights

Pui-Yi Cheng, Communications Officer at Equally Ours, blogs about why women’s rights are human rights:

Women’s rights are human rights. The then-US First Lady Hillary Clinton declared these words at a global conference on women almost […]

Seeking human rights stories

We all rely on our human rights when we’re at our most vulnerable – if we have a disability, or a mental health problem, if we’re in hospital or need a bit of extra care.

Equally […]

Talking about FGM

Rachel Krys, Head of Media & Communications at Equally Ours, blogs on how we talk about the issues we care about:

The way we talk about the issues we care about has an enormous impact on […]

A relative in need of help brings home the importance of human rights

Equally Ours’ Director Nicky Hawkins blogs about the importance of human rights in care: 

Today the Care Quality Commission announced that a new ‘mum test’ will form part of standards for rating care providers. Inspectors will […]

Human rights: not hype, just human

Human rights are back in the news. Last week’s cabinet reshuffle opened the door to plans for a Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights. A poll […]

Let’s talk about human rights

Blog post from our new Communications Director, Nicky Hawkins:

It’s easy to see human rights as being important overseas, in war-torn areas and developing nations, and to forget that we rely on them here in the […]

Cuts to care found to breach our human rights

Councils have to consider the human rights of people who need care when making decisions about cuts to services.

When the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea changed Elaine McDonald’s care plan, meaning she would have […]

Human rights are fundamental to good mental health services

Thankfully most people never have to worry about their human rights. For many, they can seem fairly distant: something for lawyers and politicians to worry about, with little impact on our own everyday lives. When […]