Older people

Our right to compassionate care in hospital

Jean Warne was a strong, lively, 74 year old woman who had survived breast cancer but was left prone to falls. She was admitted to hospital following a fall but her health deteriorated rapidly and […]

Respecting our right to identity

Mrs Grant was 24 when she began to live as a woman.  She identified as a woman on her official documents and paid National Insurance contributions at the female rate until 1975, when the difference […]

Making sure decisions made on our behalf are made fairly

Peggy and Norman, a couple in their 80s, were looking forward to their cruise holiday – they go on a cruise every year. But Peggy has dementia and is in a care home, and just […]

Defending older people’s right to private & family life

A couple, both 80 years old, had once been childhood friends. After the deaths of both of their partners, the pair started a relationship and lived together for four years until the woman was hospitalised […]

Respecting older people’s right to family life

A 79 year old man with dementia, who was unable to make decisions about his care, lived at home with his partner and her son. He was admitted to hospital for a mental health assessment […]

Holding authorities to account when they don’t follow the rules

An older man suffering from dementia lived at home with his wife and attended a day centre once a week. When he started wandering away from home, his wife made enquiries into increasing her husband’s […]

Protecting older people’s freedom

A 90-year-old retired civil servant with dementia lived in his home of 50 years with his sister until she passed away in 1998. After his friends raised concerns with authorities about his wellbeing, social workers […]

Protecting people from inhuman and degrading treatment

77-year-old Peter suffered a heart attack while he was in prison awaiting sentence for breaching health and safety regulations. Peter was rushed to hospital and for the next 14 days he was kept in handcuffs. […]

Making sure patients and their families are properly consulted about their care

Janet was suffering from advanced lung cancer when she was taken to hospital after a serious car crash. Her family was distraught when they discovered that two doctors had put a “do not resuscitate” (DNR) […]

Protecting an older person’s right to live in her own home

Manuela dedicated her life to helping others. Even after she was diagnosed with dementia, she campaigned passionately for the rights of dementia sufferers. Over time Manuela’s condition seriously deteriorated and, at the age of 87, […]