Race & ethnicity

Protecting gypsies’ rights to keep their home

The Connors lived on a caravan site run by their local council in Leeds. They had been living there for around 15 years so the site had become well-established as their home. Early one morning, […]

Providing answers to a family after the racist murder of their son

19 year old Zahid was a first-time offender who had been sentenced to three months in a young offenders institution for stealing razor blades worth £6. The night before Zahid was due to be released, […]

Securing support for Traveller families

A young boy is part of a Roma Gypsy family which runs a business at fun fairs during the summer. In winter, he stays with his grandfather in Worcestershire.  The Worcestershire county council had been providing him with nursery and […]

When we feel unfairly treated

Nick has been stopped over 30 times by police. He believes he was targeted because of the colour of his skin. As a police officer himself, Nick uses a human rights approach to improve stop […]

When we’re wondering where we belong

Ruth came to England when she was 4 years old, escaping the Nazis because of her Jewish background. When she was forced to return to Germany 10 years later she found this very traumatic, as […]