Sexual orientation

Respecting a same-sex partner’s choice and privacy

A woman with mental health difficulties had lived with her female partner, in a stable relationship, for a number of years. With the possibility of needing hospital treatment for her illness in the future, the […]

Protecting a gay tenant’s rights

Hugh and Juan were in a long-term relationship and living together in a flat in London when Hugh passed away. Hugh was a protected tenant of the flat so when Juan wanted to continue living […]

Equalising the age of consent

Euan knew from around the age of 12 that he was attracted to men. He had his first gay relationship when he and another boy were both 16, but they both knew that by being […]

Decriminalising homosexuality

Jeffrey, a 35 year old shipping clerk in Belfast was interrogated by the police after they raided his home and found letters and diaries about his sex life. Jeffrey was gay, and at the time […]