Women’s rights

Putting a trafficked victims needs before their immigration status

Mary came to London from Nigeria when she was 14 years old. Mrs Allen, who brought Mary to the UK, promised her the opportunity to go to school and earn £50 a week to look […]

Holding police to account after they failed a rape victim

Catherine had bi-polar disorder and manic depression. When she was in the middle of a mental health crisis, Catherine was raped by a stranger she had invited into her home. The next day she was […]

Restricting the right to family life to protect a disabled woman’s best interests

A 41 year old mother of four with severe learning difficulties lives in a care home, and her children are looked after by the local authority. Although doctors have estimated that her mental capacity is […]

Protecting victims of trafficking

A young woman came to the UK to be a domestic worker. Her employer took her passport off her and forced her to work 15-hours a day as a domestic slave. She was given stale […]

Forcing the police to investigate modern slavery claims

Patience was 22 when she was brought to the UK as a domestic worker and nanny. For almost three years she was treated like a slave and subjected to physical and mental abuse by her […]

Families demanding justice for victims of domestic violence

Maria was murdered by her former partner, a man already known to the police for killing a previous girlfriend. In the days leading up to her death, Maria called the police more than once to […]

Exposing the truth for victims & their families

When Naomi was found dead in her home it devastated her whole family. But when it was revealed she had died at the hands of a convicted sex offender who was on licence from prison, […]

Securing justice for rape victims

Thanks to the Human Rights Act, two women were able to secure justice after the Metropolitan police systematically failed to investigate their rape cases properly. When the women made reports to the police that they […]

Protecting mothers’ rights in childbirth

When Charlotte was forced to take antibiotics against her will while in labour, she felt bullied and coerced. Rather than give her the evidence she needed to make the decision herself, Charlotte was threatened with […]