Mary came to London from Nigeria when she was 14 years old. Mrs Allen, who brought Mary to the UK, promised her the opportunity to go to school and earn £50 a week to look after her three children. But for a year and a half Mary was threatened and abused by Mrs Allen, did not receive any pay and was never sent to school. Mrs Allen then fired Mary and threw her out of their home. Mary was found in a supermarket car park and taken into social care. With legal help, Mary took Mrs Allen to an employment tribunal claiming racial discrimination and unfair dismissal. Mary initially won part of her claim but a court then overruled that decision because Mary was living in the UK illegally. Mary’s case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled that because Mary had been trafficked into the UK, she was in fact a victim of crime who deserved to have her rights protected. Our human rights laws say that we shouldn’t be subjected to slavery or forced labour, no matter what our immigration status.