Empowering children and young people in care

Children and young people: Empowering children and young people in care

Rod Kippen from The Children’s Society knows why human rights matter so much to children in care:

“I recently worked with a young person who wanted renewed contact with his mother. He has been in care since he was nine and is now 14, and was trying to understand his past, his family and his place within it. His social worker told him that he would be able to see her, but only on the condition that he maintained his attendance at school. My work as an advocate was to highlight that Article 8 – ‘the right to a family life’ – in the Human Rights Act is not conditional but is a basic right which cannot be negotiated. A visit to his mother was arranged and he told me this made him feel much more settled and able to concentrate on school, which he then began attending much more regularly.”

Children up and down the country rely on their human rights to hold local authorities to account and make sure their right to family life is protected

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